Kelp Forest Challenge

Kelp Forest

The Kelp Forest Challenge is a global movement to raise our connection to the ocean and ultimate protect and restore 4 million hectares of kelp forests by 2040.

It was collaboratively created and is a shared vision of what we need to do to save our underwater forests.

Anyone can get involved, it doesn't matter if you are a snorkeller, CEO, scientist, artist, Prime Minister, or ocean lover you can join the movement. We accept pledges to protect or restore kelp forests, increase awareness, assist conservation projects, or inspire the world. If you think you can help the kelp, let us know.

See our frequently asked questions about the Challenge here.


Area of kelp forest that has been pledged for restoration


2030 Target


2040 Restoration Target (Hectares)



Area of kelp forest that has been pledged for protection


2030 Target


2040 Protection Target (Hectares)


Area Restored Or Protected

How much area of kelp forest have we successfully restored or protected

Top 4 Area Restored By Country

ha restored
South Korea
United States of America

Top 4 Area Protected By Country

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Community Statistics

Kelp forests connect with millions of people, explore our growing community

Number of Restoration Projects

How many projects have started or completed restoration efforts

Scientific Papers

We need knowledge to inform our decisions, see all the research papers published to help manage kelp forests

Stakeholder Types Represented (%)

All sorts of people and organizations are involved in saving kelp forests, see the breakdown

Size of the Community

Track how many people are part of the movement

Size of the Community

Track how many organisations are part of the movement

Ecosystem Services

Protecting and restoring kelp forests provides a wealth of benefits for society. Track those here.

Top 4 Genus Restored (ha)


Carbon Captured

How much carbon has been cycled from protected or restored kelp forests (estimate).

Carbon Captured(tons CO2e)

Fish Biomass

How much fish has been produced in protected or restored kelp forests (estimate).

Fish Biomass(tons)

Jobs Created

How many jobs have been created by restoring and protecting kelp forests.
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Jobs Created (N)

Nutrients Removed

The amount of nitrogen cycled by restored or protected kelp forests (estimate).
(tons N)

Visitor Days

The number of tourism visits to restored or protected kelp forests.
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