A global home for kelp forests

A global home for kelp forests

Kelp forests cover a third of the world’s coastlines and support hundreds of millions of people, but they are disappearing.

The Kelp Forest Alliance is a collaborative home that brings together people and organisations to enhance, protect, and restore these incredible ecosystems.

Kelp Forest Challenge

Join us in a global movement, to protect and restore 4 million hectares of kelp forests around the world by 2040, and support the biodiversity goals of the Kunming-Montreal agreement. Whether you are a scientist, business leader, government representative, artist, teacher, or just love kelp, you can participate. So make a pledge, then spread the word of the value of these marine marvels to our society.

Kelp Restoration Guidebook

Kelp in the News

Kelp Forest Photo Awards

Kelp Forests

Rising sea temperatures, overgrazing, overfishing, and water pollution are causing the deforestation of kelp forests across the globe. Southern Australia and Northern California have lost 95% of their giant and bull kelp forests and declines have occurred on every continent. When kelp forests disappear, so do the fish, and so do the livelihoods that they support.

Gardening Marine Forests

This started life as a research project and ended up as a beautiful film highlighting the significance of Indigenous marine gardening methods and the restoration of kelp forests in South Korea.

Restoration Projects

Humans have been restoring kelp forests around the world for over 300 years. Past restoration efforts hold extremely valuable information about what does and does not work in re-establishing kelp forests. For years, this information has been hidden in reports or restricted by language barriers and solutions did not flow around the globe.

This is a living database for this information: a place for people to draw upon lessons from current or past projects, track the latest updates from the field, and monitor global progress towards restoring our underwater forests. Through the interactive Data Hub, users can upload new project data to share their latest work with each other.

Photo: John Turnbull
Photo: Ralph Pace
Ecklonia Kelp Jeju

Data & Community Platform

  • Upload restoration project results
  • Connect with experts around the world
  • Collaborate with working groups
  • Browse library of kelp literature
  • Platform How-To Guide
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