Kelp Forest Photo Awards

Kelp Forest Photo Awards

We are proud to launch the first ever photography awards dedicated to celebrating our underwater kelp forests.

The deadline for entries has now passed. Please stay tuned for the finalists and winners later this year in July.

The Hidden Forests Around Us

These awards ask us how we create and maintain personal connections to a rapidly changing ocean?

The "Hidden Forests Around Us" theme invites photographers to capture how kelp forests are connected to our daily lives and how we as a society can build a new relationship with our ocean to save them.

Entries will showcase the multi-faceted essence of these unique ecosystems and inspire affection and recognition for these often underappreciated underwater worlds.

Photos with Purpose We aim to illuminate our human connection to kelp forests, the rich diversity of life they sustain, the economies they bolster, and the cultures they influence, unveiling the vibrant colors of the kelp forest tapestry that blankets our planet's oceans. By doing so we hope to elevate kelp forests in the conservation conversation and to achieve the goals of the Kelp Forest Challenge, a global mission to protect and restore 4 million hectares of kelp forest by 2040.

Submit & Win!

With a big thanks to our partners and sponsors who have helped us generate a generous prize pool, total value of 20,000 AUD

Competition Opens November 2023

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Brilliant Judging Panel

Alexa Keefe

Senior Photo EditorNational Geographic

Andy Mann

Photographer Marine ConservationistSealegacy

Enric Sala

FounderPristine Seas

Jennifer Hayes

Contributing Photographer SpeakerNational Geographic

Pippa Ehrlich

Co DirectorMy Octopus Teacher

Awards Directors

Aaron Eger

Board Of Directors Program Director FounderKelp Forest Alliance

Jennifer Adler

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