Vital Kelp - Jeddah Point

Restoration Project

Vital Kelp - Jeddah Point

Restoration Objective:

We are motivated to restore floating canopy forming bull kelp because we remember it here in our lifetime of living in this area and spending a lot of time on and near the water. We understand the importance of this habitat forming species. The goal is to cultivate Nereocystis on line and to transfer juveniles to fist-sized rocks using natural rubber bands for out planting.

Site Selection Criteria:

This site had historical bull kelp beds near the entrance to Welcome Pass between South and North Thormanby Islands and the mainland Sunshine Coast. The floating canopy kelp beds were important habitat for migrating juvenile salmonids. Traveling north along the Sunshine Coast, this is the first place where the relatively straight coastline changes and begins to get interesting. The adjacent nearshore area has a varied shoreline of coves, bays and inlets that provide sheltering habitat for schooling fish.

Cause Of Decline:

Likely multiple reasons for decline including overgrazing by green sea urchins, warming of the Salish Sea, imbalance of the ecosystem and water pollution from coastal development and nearby cities.

Key Reasons For Decline:



Ocean warming

Water Pollution


Site Observations:

Observation Date

21st Dec 2022 – 21st Jun 2022

Action Summary:

Line grown Nereocystis was transferred off line onto rocks and attached using natural rubber bands and deployed by kayakers. Physical attachment occured within 2-4 weeks. 2/3 rds of 100 transferred kelp survived, matured and produced sorus material. In May juvenile schooling salmonids were observed taking cover in the kelp, perch were also observed to use the shelter of transplanted kelp.

Lessons Learned:

In our region, line grown kelp holdfasts are easiest to carefully peel off of the cultivation line before the haptera have grown completely around the line. Meaning the haptera have not crossed over themselves yet. The motion to loosen them is a back and forth wiggle wiggle in the direction of the line. It's delicate work, that you can get better at with practice.

Project Outcomes:


Indicator Data:

Transplant Info:
Life Stage:Juveniles