Sungkyunkwan University - Udo-myeon

Restoration Project

Sungkyunkwan University - Udo-myeon

Restoration Objective:

The aim of this study was to Improving Methodologies, technology and methods and Answering Scientific Questions.

Site Selection Criteria:

Sites were selected that had natural kelp beds nearby.

Cause Of Decline:

The barren ground covers an average of 36.4% of rock surfaces on the Korean coasts, with the highest (51.2%) in the East Sea. The causes of this destruction of kelp forests differ between regions, ranging from overgrazing sea urchins and sedimentation to climate change.

Scientific Paper

SungKyunKwan University Ecology lab data (2018 Jeju Sea Forest Creation Technique and

Site Observations:

Observation Date

1st Oct 2018 – 1st Aug 2019

Action Summary:

Three artificial reefs in three areas (total 9) were installed on the coast near Udo, Jeju.

Lessons Learned:

When studying kelp population dynamics we need to consider the metapopulation.

Area of Restoration (Ha)


Indicator Data:


Ending Value:

Starting Value:

Kelp Cover