Restoration Project

Oceans Program for The Nature Conservancy California - Caspar Bay

Restoration Objective:

The objective of restoration was to re-establish ecosystem services provided by kelp forests, particularly fisheries production. Currently, urchin trapping and recreational urchin removals are being tested for habitat restoration. Voluntary recreational dive log:

Site Selection Criteria:

Sites were selected that had historically hosted kelp populations.

Cause Of Decline:

Overgrazing by sea urchins led to the decline of macroalgae populations.

Key Reasons For Decline:


Scientific Paper

Reef Check California, North Coast, 2018-2019

T. McHugh, D. Abbott, .


Oceans Program for The Nature Conservancy California

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Reef Check California

Ocean Protection Council

Waterman's Alliance

Site Observations:

Observation Date

3rd May 2018 – 15th Jun 2019

Action Summary:

Recreational and commercial divers organized repeated urchin removals in 3 sites in Mendocino County. Thousands of pounds of urchins were removed over a 2 year period.

Key Reasons For Decline:


Indicator Data:


Ending Value:

Starting Value:

Adult Kelp Density

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/ m2
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