Restoration Project

Korean University - yangyang-gun, Kangwon-do

Restoration Objective:

The objective of restoration was to Improving Methodologies, technology and methods and Answering Scientific Questions.

Site Selection Criteria:

A site was selected with severe urchin barrens.

Key Reasons For Decline:

Ocean warming

Scientific Paper

Creation of a seaweed plant for restoration of the mud record phenomenon

Namgil Kim, , Korean Style, Vol. 15.


Sungkyunkwan University

Site Observations:

Observation Date

18th Jun 2001 – 1st Apr 2002

Action Summary:

Artificial blocks were installed in an urchin barren with transplanting rope attached with adult and juvenile Sargassum horneri.

Key Reasons For Decline:

Ocean warming

Indicator Data:


Ending Value:

Starting Value:

Adult Kelp Density

/ m2
/ m2
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