Independent - Nelson Island

Restoration Project

Independent - Nelson Island

Restoration Objective:

The objective of this study was to restore Nereocystis in order to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services and provide social outcomes.

Site Selection Criteria:

A site was selected where kelp (Nereocystis) was present 10 years ago, and had since disappeared.

Cause Of Decline:

Local declines in Nereocystis were caused by overgrazing by sea urchins.

Key Reasons For Decline:


Scientific Paper

Lee-Ann Ennis


Site Observations:

Observation Date

20th Dec 2018 – 1st Jul 2019

Action Summary:

Lines were strung between oyster rafts and wrapped in twine seeded with Nereocystis. Thirteen 50ft long lines were strung, each 10-15 ft apart.

Project Outcomes:

Kelp grew rapidly in March and had developed an associated epiphyte and fish community by July. Kelps died during the summer, however this is an annual species.

Key Reasons For Decline:


Area of Restoration (Ha)


Indicator Data:


Ending Value:

Starting Value:

Presence / Absence of Kelp

Transplant Info:
Cost Year:2019
Cost Currency:CDN
Total Cost:700