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Restoration Project

Get Inspired - Orange County

Restoration Objective:

The objective of restoration efforts was to restore and sustain giant kelp habitat along the 300 miles of the Southern California Bight, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, in areas that historically supported kelp forest communities.

Site Selection Criteria:

Sites were selected that had historically hosted kelp populations.

Cause Of Decline:

In high numbers, sea urchins can overgraze seaweed communities. On reefs with high densities of sea urchins, the structure of the algal community is damaged, and the abundance and diversity of invertebrates is reduced.

Key Reasons For Decline:


Scientific Paper

Southern California Regional Kelp Restoration Project. Final Report of Project Archivities Covering the period September 1, 2004 through August 31, 2007

C. Wisniewski, P. Owens, T. Ford, N. Caurso, L. Bodensteiner, J. Altstatt, D. Burchham
California Coastkeeper Alliance, p.46.


Site Observations:

Observation Date

1st Sep 2004 – 1st Oct 2007

Action Summary:

From 2006-2007 restoration consisted of transplanting drift kelp using rubber bands and tiles, and planting a few spore tiles with rubber bands.

Lessons Learned:

Restoration was carried out at multiple sites across Orange county, however the report did not allow for reporting in greater detail.

Project Outcomes:

To date there have been 3 kelp canopies formed in Orange County due to these restoration efforts.

Key Reasons For Decline:


Indicator Data:


Ending Value:

Starting Value:

Presence / Absence of Kelp