KFA Challenge & Pledges

KFA Challenge & Pledges

At the International Seaweed Symposium held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, the Kelp Forest Alliance used an event the day before to launch the Kelp Forest Challenge - asking participants to make commitments and create impact metrics in order to set goals for 2040 and 2050 in line with the Kunming Montreal Agreement for biodiversity.

The Kelp Forest Alliance is a global initiative dedicated to preserving, conserving, and restoring kelp forests worldwide. At its core is the Kelp Forest Challenge, a visionary initiative aiming to restore 1 million hectares and safeguard 3 million hectares of kelp forests by 2040.

A diverse array of participants—individuals, businesses, governments, nonprofits, researchers, educators, concerned citizens and media entities—have signed up to safeguard the heart of our marine ecosystems. Kelp forests are vital for biodiversity, climate regulation, and sustaining coastal communities worldwide.

The numbers speak volumes: 55.4k hectares pledged for restoration, with an additional 7k hectares committed to protection. Additonal pledges to support are kelp are coming from robotics companies, artists, media teams, and dive shops.

Beyond sheer numbers, this initiative's impact resonates on multiple fronts. The Kelp Forest Alliance platform keeps a running total of the carbon cycled from protected and restored kelp forests to underscore the role in mitigating climate change. The platform also measures the generation of fish production, employment opportunities, nitrogen cycling, and increased tourism visits to these highly desirable ecosystems.

The Kelp Forest Alliance's success stories further emphasise the tangible results of this collective endeavour. For instance, the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project (Help Our Kelp) spearheaded by the Sussex Wildlife Trust in the UK has pledged an impressive 17,000 hectares for kelp restoration. This collaborative effort involving government, academic institutions, and the community exemplifies the profound impact achievable through concerted action.

Other early pledges include Reef Check and the Aquarium of the Pacific in the USA. Reef Check's commitment to restoring 50 hectares and training 1,000 individuals in restoration techniques is a testament to this movement's global scope and reach. Similarly, the Aquarium of the Pacific's pledge to educate 1,500,000 individuals about the importance of kelp forest conservation will bring this message to a whole new generation.

The efficacy of these pledges extends beyond the numbers. They represent a demonstration of collective responsibility toward safeguarding our marine ecosystems. The initiative's inclusivity welcomes contributions from all walks of life. It reinforces the belief that every action counts in the fight to preserve our oceans' health.

If you want to join this global movement to preserve and revive our kelp forests, make a pledge today. Together, we can make a monumental difference for our planet's future.

To make a pledge, visit the Kelp Forest Alliance's website here.