Users Guide to the Kelp Forest Alliance Community Platform

Users Guide to the Kelp Forest Alliance Community Platform

The field of kelp forest restoration is growing rapidly: new restoration projects are starting, new science is being released, and innovative social and financial programs are being created to advance this work. All of this activity is difficult to keep track of. The Kelp Community Platform provides a place for people and organizations working with kelp forests to come together to share information, forge new collaborations, and increase the pace and scale of kelp restoration.

Members pledge to participate in the alliance, foster a shared sense of collaboration between members, and work to advance kelp forest restoration and protection.

The platform also hosts the restoration project database which allows users to upload information on their restoration project, view lessons learned from past projects, and monitor the field of kelp restoration. With more projects uploaded, there is more information on how to do restoration effectively, and users have a better chance at restoring kelp forests.

Kelp Community Platform Instructions

A knowledge and data-driven community platform is essential for advancing the field. The following notes show how you can benefit and describe how you can help to build this collaborative asset.

The information and data that is compiled will be visible to other members of the Kelp Forest Alliance group. Please do not modify other member’s information without permission, all changes are logged and persons may be removed from the community if they alter information without permission.

For any further information and help, you can contact us by email. To submit any ideas or issues, please do so via the contact us page.

Navigation menu and overall content

Your landing page on the platform is the Restoration Sites listing. This is the core collaborative database which contains information on all the restoration projects. The platform contains three main sections.

Individual Member Registration

Organizations - Create or update organizational profiles

Restoration projects

Create city

Working groups