The Kelp Forest Alliance brings together people and organizations working on kelp forest ecosystems and aims to enhance the protection and restoration of these valuable ecosystems.

We work to produce and facilitate global knowledge exchange on kelp forest management across languages and professional sectors. We also work to raise the profile of kelp forests and advocate for stronger conservation of these ecosystems.

The Core Team

Current Activities

Activity 1

This web platform acts as the home for the KFA, promotes the value of kelp forest ecosystems, hosts our project database, hosts our restoration guidebook, and houses the network of members. The platform provides a standardized data entry portal for restoration projects and tracks projects across the world. It also provides a forum for members to collaborate and discuss matters related to kelp forest restoration.

Activity 2

Kelp forest restoration project database

The restoration database provides a standardized display of previous restoration projects and allows users to upload new information about their own work. The database centralizes the storage of information about kelp restoration projects, lets users learn from these projects and helps track kelp restoration into the future. We hope that this provides an up to date overview of kelp restoration and ensures that lessons learned in Norway are shared with friends in New Zealand.

Activity 3

Kelp forest restoration guidebook

Together with the Nature Conservancy in California, we have brought together all these lessons learned in the first of its kind Kelp Restoration Guidebook. This highly collaborative effort brought together 50 expert contributors representing 45 institutions from every kelp growing region of the world to detail the steps needed to conduct kelp restoration, highlight the success stories, and provide a knowledge base for future restoration efforts. As we gain even more restoration knowledge, we will work to provide updates and additions to the guidebook. Download here.

Future Activities

Activity 4

Monitoring Guidelines

Restoration happens across the seven seas and takes many different forms. We are working to create standing processes for recording the outcomes of restoration projects so that we can get a better understanding of restoration outcomes.

Activity 5

Quantification of ecosystem services

Restoring kelp forests restores fisheries, nutrient cycling, recreation, and cultural values. We want to understand how much society benefits from these features and if projects can be compensated for the benefits they provide.

Activity 6

The Hobart Challenge

We are faced with a big challenge but we think the global kelp restoration community is up to the task.

We are convening a meeting of leading experts in kelp forest restoration in Hobart, Australia in February 2023.

Here, we will set out an aspirational and achievable goal for restoring the world's kelp forests!

Our Membership Levels

“Stipe by stipe we can renew our underwater forests”
The KFA welcomes anyone interested in kelp forests and who is committed to protecting these unique ecosystems.

Observer Member

Members will receive communications to stay up-to-speed on the latest in kelp restoration around the world but are not active contributors to the community

Participatory Member


Members are invited to participate in an active community of kelp restoration practice

Participatory Member


Members are invited to participate in an active community of kelp restoration practice

Funding Partners

The KFA is supported by an alliance of organizations and we are thankful for the support of:

Registered Charity and Donations

We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Comission. Please contact us about tax-deductible donations.