Restoration Project

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation Australia - Petrol Point

Restoration Objective:

1) Protect abalone production from key reef locations. 2) Prevent further loss of abalone habitat at key reef locations. 3) Recover recently formed barrens back to healthy habitat.

Site Selection Criteria:

The selected site was used because it had historically supported a highly productive abalone fishery, and had experienced a significant recent incursion of C. rodgersii, resulting in the loss of abalone habitat. 

Key Reasons For Decline:


Scientific Paper

East Victoria Marine Reef Restoration Project

, 2020.


Fisheries Research and Development Corporation Australia

Site Observations:

Observation Date

1st Jan 2012 – 1st Jan 2018

Action Summary:

Culled sea urchins

Lessons Learned:

  • No culling to take place during spawning June – September.
  • Select Reef Codes / areas that are the most productive for abalone.
  • Focus culling effort on Healthy / Patch barren areas first before attempting to extend out onto the barrens.
  • Be cautious of culling too far out onto full barrens, because of low return for effort.
  • First priority is stopping the formation of new barrens. Protecting reefs from further loss of healthy habitat.
  • Avoid culling bays & sheltered areas because the wrong type of weed may grow back (turfing algae) and be unsuitable for abalone.

Project Outcomes:

None reported.

Key Reasons For Decline:


Indicator Data:


Ending Value:

Starting Value:

Kelp Cover

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